zondag 18 januari 2015

Day planned, life planned? (by Jiwa)

What should we share with you this week? I was really into making lookbookpictures and all that jazz this weekend, but misscheduling my weekend was what happened. It's just a pity when things don't go as you planned. You know, when I don't have my day planned, I don't have my life planned.

What I wanna share with you is a lookback to my photoalbum om my phone these two weeks. You may like em or not(that would be sad).

1. It was christmasbreak and I was figuring out how to make pictures of cool products. I'm figuring, okay :P

2. A picture of my wall I also made in my christmasbreak. I always feel happy when I look at this. It is a combination of pages pulled out of fashionmagazines, a flyer of the episode (A vintage shop) and two picture postcards I buyed in Paris. I recently added two childhood pictures of me and my sister. I think my wall is reflecting my thoughts, my inspiration, so it changes like every month or so.

3. Christmas, when family comes together. I love the fact that I have three nephews who are so differents from each other. The left one is half-russian, the middle one half-turkish and the right one is a whole dutchie. I freakin adore this picture.

4. NYE with friends, and I HAD to take a picture from the oliebol(?) with a sparkler before the sparkle was gone. Mission accepted and accomplished ;)

5. I buyed a new winter coat for myself. It was in the sale so it was a bargain! so much yay. I liked the picture of the clothing card and I wonder if I look also that fabulous in my new coat. hehe.

6. A picture I made at school with my squaaaad, I love them so much :)

7. A snapchat story picture of the cocktails me and my sister made at a family party. I was pretty proud of them because we had not made cocktails ever in our lives. This remembers me to a way of thinking: do something new every day. It's exciting yet scary but I wanna try that!

8. The last one was from yesterday when I was going out with my girls. We called ourselves 'totally spies', because of our haircolors. lol
Oh and I have my new coat on!

That was it all guys!
I hope you liked a post something more personal.  I am always into making pictures and I also like to look back at them.
'Till next week!


maandag 12 januari 2015

5 wishlist pieces that all have one thing in common (by Jiwa)

Hi y'all!

This week I have a wishlist to show you. I got wind of my tendency to buy a hella lot of fluffy pieces. Where is this coming from?

Fluffy, this word has past by earlier in my posts. Apparently I have something with that material. Maybe it makes the piece more rich, more expensive looking(even though it isn't). Maybe you know the heels with a fluffy dot on the strap or you have seen fluffy handbags. I know I like it and I want more.

So the first piece in my wishlist is this bag from Lamodauk.com. Yeah I already have a fluffy bag but this one is a backpack! That is something else isn't it :)

Cropped Roll Neck Jumper

2. The second piece is a roll neck jumper from asos. I think combined with white pants as well, a leather jacket and some white sneakers, you will look fabulous and you stay very warm.

Blue Wool Kimono Coat

3. OMG! This coat looks so cool. This is a realling popping color so it will look so gorgeous with like the simplest things. I adore it but isn't it weird that the sleeves are cropped? Still. the oversized fit is great, I always pay attention to the fit, I like oversized. The result is that it's now called a Boyfriend-Coat.

Crop Short Sleeve Jumper with Dots

4. A second sweather, but this one is different than the classic white one. It's more like a Top-Jumper. I like monochrome prints, defenitely black and white dots or stripes. I also like the combination in the picture(cropped so combined with a skater skirt and nice chunky boots), asos does good!

5. I have saved the best for last ofcourse ;) It's a co-ord (or twopiece)!
Look how cute that is. In general co-ords look so fabulous, but especially this fluffy one. It's also very easy to throw on if you don't know what to wear to a party or a festive event, I wouldn't wear this to school or just for casual, it need a festive occasion. I also like the choker the girl has on, suits good with it.

That were all the pieces, have you been receiving inspiration from this all? I know I did. I'm not going to buy all the stuff because I ain't got no monayyyy (And yes I have a job, where does it all go??) but I will consider it though. And than cry about it. yup.

K byeeee!

zondag 4 januari 2015

My december party outfit (Jiwa)

Hi y'all,
A new year has come! A new year of blogging ofcourse. Firstly I wanna look back at this vacation. IT was a blast!! I had such a great time with Christmas and NYE and more. With these december parties came along chosing some outfits and I will show you one. 

I recently bought a new sweater, from H&M, and I am so obsessed with it. It's a wide white sweater with a few black stripes. The stripes make it more sporty, which I like. But I particularly like the material, it's kinda fluffy and so so warm. It's like you're wearing a fur from an animal.

With that thought in mind I looked up the materials: 75% Acrylic. 20% Polyamide and 5% Alpaca. Alpaca? Do they mean that spitting animal?
I lol'd, because I had not seen this before. Apparantly, this alpaca-wool is just like sheepwool, very warm. (The sweater was 40 euro's so now I understand why).

I combined the nice sweater with a maxiskirt to give something festive and shique but to still keeping my legs warm. I also took my cut-out-boots with grey socks and to top it off my blue/grey fluffy bag and my sheep-like coat. The all-over look is pretty warm, and that was where I was going for, since there was snow here in Holland! (Not on the picture)

My sister and I took some pictures, she posted her look earlier.

And some details, I am wearing grey nailpolish and some rings from H&M and dark red lipstick from Hema.

Sweather - H&M
Maxi Skirt - Primark
Cut-out-boots - River Island
Bag - Monki
Sheep-coat - Monki

We are getting more views, that's nice :)
Greetings from me, Jiwa xxx

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