vrijdag 26 december 2014

Why I am actually writing this blog (Jiwa)


This week I want to talk about how inspiration is leading to my own style. How is something like a picture in the ELLE magazine leading to an explosion of ideas and letting my head be crazy with happiness?(I like to express it with these words)

When I am on my, I call them, 'inspiration sources' (instagram, tumblr, youtube, blogs, lookbook magazines, the street/world(oh wauw that's a lot)), I am, without being aware of it, looking for patterns in what I like, what I think is amazing beautiful and what I wanna take it into my own style. I'm gonna give you an example. A week ago I saw this picture on instagram:

How long would you look at these picture? Well, I don't know about you, but these pictures are giving me life. I can look at them for hours, and I have that same feeling like, all the time(with different pictures).  And why is this? Why am I so fascinated? (this girl is amazeballs by the way, her blog is http://iamcharlottemartin.com)
It's not that I wanna be her. It's not that I wanna copy that girl. I just want to take the inspiration from this picture, and create. You know, in the past I would only look at pictures like this, enjoy it, and then I would just do nothing with it. But my vision is changed. I also wanna create. I wanna create something, where I can give people an idea of where I am thinking about(fashion/beauty/lifestyle wise) and I wanna give people the same feeling as what I am feeling with it. Because I know that I'm not the only one who gets life from these kind of pictures. (Am I right?)

Well, it came out to be the reason why I am writing this blog. That's funny :) I will go on with my example, the picture.

I love it, because of the colors, the casualness and the wide clothes. Firstly, I adore the dark red lip color, together with pale pink, or shades of white, or just shades of light colors. Secondly, the fact that she combines chique pants with sneakers and a baseballjacket, it's just, it's nice that you can combine the weirdest things with each other. And I like the combination of casual with chique, or girly with urban, that combination is just great.
At last is the baggyness. It is actually almost the same as the casualness, because the baggyness is giving the casual look. You can move so freely and flowy and I also think it is giving a more mature look, I think the effect is that she looks like she is confident about herself. If you can take off baggy clothes, you have to be confident!

What I am going to do now, is looking for this three things(a pattern) in more pictures and I will think about how I can create something with this pattern changing it into my style.
(for example this one)

Great, it was nice to clear my head like this and writing it down. If you're reading this:thanks for the interest. You definitely will find your patterns in inspiration.

It came out to be a really different post, but I hope you enjoyed.

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