zondag 23 november 2014

lil' 90's OOTD (Jiwa)


When in Amsterdam, I always go to the episode. Amsterdam also has the Kalverstraat(where the most of the people go to shop), but the episode has something more special. The people that go there are so inspirational, they have that vintage style. It's not that cheap though, weirdly because you would guess that when you hear it's a second-hand-shop.

Well, I was there last week, and I bought 2 pieces. Want to know how I styled them? My sister made some pictures of my OOTD.

Grey Loose Shirt - H&M
Blouse with Paisley print - Episode
Mom Jeans - Episode
Sneakers - FILA
Rings - H&M and New Look

Those shoes are so old! But I like that 90's vibe with the shoes and the pants. I wanted those kind of pants in like years. I like that the blouse gives the outfit some more color and brightness. The accessories (got the bracelets for my birthday), makes it more fancier ;)

What do you think of my outfit? Are you into the 90's trend?

Xxx Jiwa

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