maandag 17 november 2014

A to the msterdam

Heyy heyyy,
Guess what, I'm finally 18! Last week(the 8th of November) was my birthday. On that same day a lot of open days from schools I possibly wanna go next year took place all over the country. I'm really interested in art, design, styling and also in fashion. So I choose for AMFI, Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I went with Anaïs and a friend of me from my class. And it was really useful and inspiring! I took some pictures in AMFI and in Amsterdam. Let's see......


The graduate students had made such beautiful pieces.


It was really inspiring to peek at all the dummy's of the students.


There library

We went into the city Amsterdam.

The Hype was a really cute and cozy shop, this shop is situated in the '9 straatjes' (9 streets). 

I made this when I was in Monki, there changingrooms are the best.

I celebrated my birthday also in the evening with friends and family. My day was so so great!

adulty Jiwa ;)

Wait for the next post till Sunday!

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