zondag 26 oktober 2014

Make-up look: Everyday + bright lip

Hi hi,

Earlier I said I would do a post about something with make-up. Recently I bought a new lipstick from this brand, HEMA. I don't really know if it's a store that's only in Holland, but they have very simple but handy things there. They have nice schoolstuff, nice food, but also make-up. This lipstick is a matt orange/red lipstick.
And I love it. It's weird cuz I didn't really wear lipstick in the past. But now I experimented a bit with it and I am buying more and more.

How I made it, The full look:
 STEP 1. I put on my FOUNDATION, Rimmel Londens Stay matte in no 200, with a small stipple brush from ELF. You see I def need a new foundation, the tube is a mess. I don't think I'm going to repurchase it, I like the structure but the colour is a shade too dark for my skintone. This brush is amazing and moreover it's really cheap!

STEP 2. I put on CONCEALER in the under-eye part. This is one from Catrice, the re-touch Light-reflecting concealer in 010, I bought the lightest one for a fresh look.

STEP 3. PRESSED POWDER for a finishing touch(for the skin). My skin isn't getting oily during the day. This is one from Wet 'n Wild and is fine for the price. And again an elf brush, the powder brush.

STEP 4. BLUSH. Again Elf. blush and again HEMA brush. You see I don't like high-end products, cuz cheapier products are just fine. I love putting on blush, it gives my face something healthy.

STEP 5. HIGHLIGHTER. Both Catrice, for a healthy glow on my cheeks, nosebone and cupidbow(above my lip). 

STEP 6. Then I'm doing my BROWS with this NYC brush kit(no 976 Brunette). First I take some of that white wax, and then some brown powder, and I fill in my brows with it till I'm happy with the shape. I did already used the tweezers a day before, so I didn't need to do it now.

STEP 7. I put the Catrice HIGHLIGHTER in the corners of my eyes(left) and my browbone(right) for a more fresh appearance and so I look more awake ;)

 STEP 8. The EYELINER! (Catrice Calligraph ultra slim eyeliner pen) Some people think this is really hard, but how more often you do it, the better you will get at it. I make a really thin line above my eyes and wing it a bit. This way or another, a thick winged eyeliner is not suiting for me, but this is fine.

 STEP 8. LIPSTICK time. Longlasting Lip pencil from Catrice, and Longer (lol) Lasting Lipstick from HEMA.

STEP 9. is Mascara, I forgot to make a picture of it, but you all know how it works ;). I have one from Maybelline, Great Lash Waterproof. I have to say, the mascara gives a very natural effect, not very big lashes but still very nice.

That's the completed look! I think this lipcolour suits me well, especially because it's matte.

I was thinking... is this more a summer-ish colour? What do you think? I'm going to wear it anyway but yeeaahhh.

xx, Jiwa

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