donderdag 4 september 2014

Trip to Oostende (Jiwa)

Hi hi. It's that shitty time again. School. But why can't you look back to your vacation while you're sitting with your homework right in front of you ;). And oh, my vacation was GOOD. Especially two weeks of them, and I want to show you pictures I made in the last week of my vacay. I went to Oostende, Belgium, with 5 friends of mine. We had an appartment right next to the shore, and we had such a great time.

This was in Brugge, a few minutes away from Oostende with the train. A really really cute place. It's like you are in de Middle Age. And they have shops too. What a really nice coincidence ;)

Me x my friends x random horse

In the picture above I made some henna art on my friends. It looked really cool, but didn't stay for long. Such a pityyyy.

When we went into the city, we saw there was a special occasion, #modeinoostende or fashion in oostende. We didn't know what it was. Saturday 23th of August, a friend and I walked right into a fashionshow, how cool was that! The shop was called Ferm, and also there was a DJ and nice styling. For example those polaroid pics, they were hanging on the wall. I loved the over-all, everything fitted right together. I have also filmed a bit, so maybe I could make a youtube-video.

There was also a cool skate-shop. I can't remember the name though. If you're dutch you can understand the funny note on the door.

So that was my week, did you have a nice vacation?
Till tha next post,

X Jiwa

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