maandag 11 augustus 2014

New in - ( Jiwa )

Hi y'all!

 We're having vacation now, so I tought it was a good time again to blog a bit. Recently I was in Amsterdam with my girls, and we did a lot of shopping ofcourse ;) Firstly Primark was on the list. I know Primark can be really crowded and messy sometimes. But the key is to go either really early, or just before the store is closing. If you go early, the store is pretty decent and there are barely queue's for the dressingrooms. Perfect for me, cuz I can be focused on what I am looking for.

And yes, I found some great stuff.
These shoes - only 3 euros - are tha best. Unfortunately the bag is already damaged :( But yeah, that's the Primark-quality.

I found a pink/lilac distressed tee, a denim midi-skirt, and a necklace with a round turquoise stone.

I also got some things from Monki, but I haven't photographed it yet. Maybe I will make some outfit pics with it later.

Do you guys have a nice vacation?

x Jiwa

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