donderdag 14 augustus 2014

Boulevard - ( Jiwa )

Well hello!

Second blogpost in English, me likeyy (But I'm not that good though). Earlier this week, my sister and I went to the boulevard, which is a special event in our city, Den bosch. It takes place in several places in the city, but at particularly one area, called the 'Parade', is where most of the people go. The ambience is really cool, because there are not only everwyhere theater tents, but also random acts in the open air. A surprising thing... the toilet is also a must to go, maybe it sounds weird, but those toiletladies come up with the weirdest shit. (shit... see what I did there ;) )

We had a really nice day, Anaïs and I met up with our parents, walked a bit, went to a theater tent, and then ate something at a cosy place. I ate an asian style chicken sandwich, with noodle salad, and my parents and Anaïs ate some fish and chips. 

And ofcourse some icecream after! YUM.

Our outfitpictures are coming soon!

X Jiwa

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